Donation & Sponsorship Requests

Sailfish Brewing Company is committed to supporting local organizations and the community. 

We thank you for thinking of us for your event! We truly wish we could support every event and cause that is asked of us, but since we receive so many requests a year, we have to stick to our fixed budget that we have set.  If you are not chosen for a donation, please do not take it personally we appreciate every one of you!

We ask that donation requests be made 6 weeks prior to your event. The sooner you get your request in, the better.  You will receive a response within two weeks of your request.  We will require 501(c)3 documentation, and a W9 forms to proceed with your request (you will be able to upload the forms on the following screens). Product (cases or kegs) may not be donated 100% but can be purchased at cost. 

Donation & Sponsorship Notations:
  • If we are able to donate, our items will be in the form of beer/merchandise/gift cards.
  • Product (cases or kegs) may not be donated 100% but can be purchased at cost. 
  • In order for us to support as many local organizations and events as possible, each qualified organization is allowed one (1) donation per calendar year and only (1) request per year.
  • All donations are to be picked up in our taproom(s) at the pre-arranged time that has been given.

Your FORM Has been SenT

Thank you for thinking of Sailfish Brewing Company for your event, we will be reaching back out to you with a response within two weeks.